Man or Vampire was released in 2018 in South Korea. However, soon after the release, it was evident that it would go worldwide. It is a free game available for iOS and Android devices released by HIDEA. You can play it on all devices supporting Android 4.2 or iOS 8.0. Of course, the game is compatible with specific cheats and hacks, we will mention. Or you can get your gems right away, just visiting the Gems Adder Tool.

Man or Vampire Hack

All Man or Vampire reviews have proven that this is one of a kind game with best gaming elements. In the core we can see that it is a turn-based game, meaning that a player can move the character or to use an ability only once per turn. In the game, your character is located in heaven or  the afterlife. There, he can explore the world, use skills, gain new skills and fight the enemies. As a player, you can control 4 characters in total. The main character is known as Hero, and he is vampire and human at the same time.


Battles are probably the most impressive part of the game. Here you will have to use the skills and abilities of your hero and other characters. That’s why it is essential to upgrade the skills of all your characters. The overall power of the team will determine the outcome of the battle. 

Inventory is simply impressive. Here you can store 20 items and additional ones your character has. This is possible without the Man or Vampire hack. If you need additional items, you can always purchase additional slots using gold.

In the game, consumables are potions, teleport feathers, gold, and cards. You can easily sell the cards from the inventory, without a need to use a third-party website or application. This is one of many reasons that make the game one of a kind. Keep in mind that you will have to explore the world around you and to get different items which are located in the chests, you discover in dungeons.

The game is extremely popular at the moment, and it has been considered as one of the best games of the year. It is known for the awards such as Top10: Google Indie Game Festival 2017, Ranked 2: Game Creation Audition 201 and Invited to MWU Festival 2017. The latest update was released on November 19, 2018, and it was mostly focused on fixing the potential bugs and making the game smoother to play.

Man or Vampire gems cheats is mostly played by gamers who are interested in fantasy games, where they can explore different worlds and fight different opponents. It is equally popular among men and women, although younger gamers aged 15-25 represent the biggest part of the players. Of course, the game is even more popular in South Korea, where it was developed and launched for the first time.

Man or Vampire tips and guides

The game we have here is more than just special. As such, it comes with several Man or Vampire cheats that deserve your attention. Let’s discover all of them.

  1. You should negotiate to get souls cheap

One of the most impressive elements of the game is negotiation when trying to purchase souls. You will see that they are expensive and you will need tons of gold to acquire them. But, when you go to the search menu, you will find negotiate tab. Click on it and choose a character. Point out the advantages, and you will get a discount. This is one of the best Man or Vampire Cheats to try whenever possible.

  • Do research in the game

While playing you should research to get skills for your companions. The more you research, stronger the souls will be, meaning that you will defeat your enemies easier than ever.

  • Get Hoochiri gifts

Make sure to stay focused on welcoming screens in the game. Every now and then you will see Hiichiri icon. Click on it, and you will get valuable gifts. Most gamers don’t know about this, so here is a surprise for them.

  • Always use daily adventures

In the game, you can send humans to go on a quest and bring you gold. It is an excellent way to obtain more gold. There will be 2 quests per day, so make sure you use both of them. The gold may come in small amounts, but it is essential. On the other part of the story, you can use Man or Vampire free gems hack to get the in-game currency.

  • Always kill all the monsters

Some players like to play this game without killing the monsters. They will clear the world, and that’s it. But, when you kill monsters, you will get valuable prizes and points. As such, it is mandatory to kill all of them. Each one hides a reward you will appreciate.

  • Use gears to improve the power of the Hero

In the profile page of your Hero, you can see gears. Click on it and equip it when possible. By doing this, you will make your hero more powerful which will help you defeat more powerful monsters and bosses.

  • Bite your companions at the right time

Man or Vampire gems hack will help you with obtaining the game currency, but you still need to have powerful companions. One way to get them is to bite them at a specific time. Make sure they are evolved because when you bite them, they will stop to evolve. That’s why it is a wise decision to wait until they reach 2nd or 3rd level before biting them.

  • Extract souls after you turned them into vampires

When you extract the soul stones from the souls, you will sacrifice them. It is a much better choice to do this from souls you turned vampire before. By doing this, you get the stones and XP at the same time.

  • Always use auto-explore mode

When you send humans on a quest, they won’t do an impressive job, but they will complete it. Most gamers use auto-explore mode just because it is a time-consuming process and you will have more essential possibilities to do while playing the game. Simply use the tool to get some free gems,

Man or Vampire free gems


With Man or Vampire cheat you can definitely make this game even more appealing and more desirable. But, even then, it is recommended to enjoy playing it. You will love the battles, the quests and the upgrades this game has prepared for you. Don’t forget that there are no limits when you are player and your hero must be the most powerful character in the game.